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No Man’s Sky – Procedural Universe

I’ve only recently heard about No Man’s Sky and was amazed by it. One of the most interesting bits? The game is so big that devs had to build space probes to examine its landscape. Only the game’s designers will ever see the machines, but they’re tasked with zooming around the title’s 18 quintillion worlds shooting video footage of what they encounter.

The game will feature planetary exploration, deep oceans, space-based battles, resource gathering, and potential predators on the various procedurally-generated worlds. Each world has its own ecosystem with potentially unforgiving conditions, such as desert worlds with large carnivorous worms. Players are initially given an uncharted universe to explore, where information about any planet’s characteristics and lifeforms may be shared and updated with others.


Check it out! Only for PS4 users for the moment so PC or MAC user, go back home and cry! 🙂